Classical Stones


There is a dismissed way of thinking about stones - that they never change and that they stay as they are forever...

Nothing could be further from the truth. Take a closer look at them! With time, under the pressure of wind, water, earth and fire, they're changing their shape,

they're adapting themselves, they're growing up… and all that to face the future.


Classical stones is a project that presents music from the past which is entering a new century with a refreshed look.

Same notes, but presented in a different way, as a whole new interpretation. It’s an undeniable proof that good music is like a good wine – with the time it can get only better…


If you like classical pieces played on electric and bass guitars, with notes full of unique character then that project is for You! Stay tuned and let yourself flow with THE music!

Pezzo Tedesco (Anonymous)


Pezzo Tedesco (Anonymous) - electric guitar cover - Classical Stones Pezzo Tedesco

(German Dance) is a 16th century Italian lute piece by an anonymous composer

from the Italian renaissance. The interpretation presented here confronts the past with the future. This is a perfect example, that music never ages.

The full electronic sound of this song is ideally suited as a game soundtrack base in renaissance climates... But in reality the possibilities are endless - this is just one possible example.

La Folia (Arcangelo Corelli)


La Folia (Arcangelo Corelli) - electric guitar cover - Classical Stones

The interpretation presented here is a modern approach of a classical piece - with saving

its distinguished, harmonious sounds, performed on an electric guitar,

this fifteenth century piece gets its second youth.

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