Have you ever heard about synthwave, a genre of electronic music? It is also called outrun, retrowave or futuresynth. Inspired by the movies, soundtracks and video games from 80s,

its birth is dated for the mid 2000s, but the gold age of that branch of the music is dated for early 2010s. It looks like its popularity is back – with the new wave of popularity of

science fiction movies and tv series, with Star Wars and Star Trek or Ghost in the Shell at the forefront, we can talk about its rebirth. Or even...

Can we talk about a retrofuturism effect in the music industry? Sure, we do. But in fact, to be frankly, fans of synthwave have never disappeared and never forgot about this inspiring vibration of the future full of high technology development, strong electronic sounds and atmosphere full of excitement, scare and thrill. It's here where we can talk about the real feeling of the nostalgy - so warm and so cosy.


You can be sure to find here a music that sound like well known science-fiction cinematic works of art based on even much more incredible works of art in the literature genre – if we could just introduce you few names as an example: Stanislaw Lem, Adnriej Tarkowski or Herbert Wells - we're sure that you can get a foothold in here of what you can expect from our music created especially for that project. To be even more specific we will simply give you some keywords: synthwave metal, retro wave and guitar synth full of electric guitars sounds.


Still confused? Just play it on and let yourself to be swept up in the musical whirlwind of the future. May the force be with you!

Ride through the night 


It is almost 22 century and the world is facing another wind of change.

Standing at the edge of the end, humanity has no other choice than fighting back.

But in this hopeless, dark and bloody times, there are only few people worth of trust. Motorbike Riders are the only heroes that are able to rise up a human race

from its ashes of shame…

Science-fiction night ambience filled with the notes full of speed, wind and secrets.

But the feeling of the unknown is not unpleasant. It pushes us forward – to the future

of today. Let’s discover it together!

Space tale


Travelling through time and space, finding new civilizations and new worlds.

Looking for answers that have been searched since ages.

Asking about the past and about the future. What is the real story of this world?

What is the real face of the humanity we know? The futuristic video cooperated with modern, electric sounds of the music is telling an open story – it can be ready in many ways

and each one would be correct. Notes and images creates a mysterious ambience

of travel to unknown. Appealing scenes combined with inspiring sounds

push our imagination behind its boundaries.

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