Michael Wroblevsky


A guitarist, composer, arranger, conductor, violinist  and music producer. 

Black Star - WroblevskyElectronicStudio


There are worlds, somewhere in there, in a black pitch of oceans of space,

that haven’t been discovered yet. Full of light, and full of darkness.

Are you brave enough to dive inside of them? A dark ambient music

that will make you feel the fear of unknown. But don't be afraid.

Let yourself travel in that endless space full of vibrant notes.

Discover your dark side and learn how to control it.

A history of the World


A musical narration of a minimalistic animation

depicting the history of the world in a symbolic way.

A short presentation created for multimedia show at OVO (Wrocław, Poland)

by Dorota Krzyżosiak (animation) in cooperation with Wroblevsky Electronic Studio (music).

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Instrumental Trap Beat - WroblevskyElectronicStudio


Instrumental trap music.


Instrumental GANG$TA Trap Beat [TRAP]


Let yourself to be trapped in those sounds full of hypnotizing electronic beats.


Main theme music for "From generation to generation" documentary.

Composer: Michael Wroblevsky

Mix and master: Adam Wroblevsky