All we know, is our own world – a small drop in an ocean of diversity of forms – and even that world is a mystery filled with the questions without the responses.

Undiscovered and unknown – here, on our planet Earth, and somewhere there, in the pitch black space. Lost in ourselves we search, we travel… we ask.

Maybe going back to the beginning of everything is the way of finding the real today – the real us? Connecting with our ancestors, connecting with spirits, contacting with extraterrestrials, finding the source of the Life and Existence... How far can we reach as human beings? Penetrating temples of our religions, entering palaces of our cultures, performing ancient rites… crossing all boundaries that can be crossed. Touching both - of what is divine and of what is devilish.

With light in one hand, and darkness in the other, shall we travel without knowing where we are going?


We will take that risk, being lead by our music that comes from the beginning of all the beginnings. We can be sure that one day we will find – that one, that only, that perfect TRUTH.


Acoustic and electro-acoustic sounds, where the leading role is played by a duo of violin with violoncello, mixed with different kinds of instruments, create a perfect harmony of various styles, cultures and believes – a real world music is a music about the beginning of everything, about finding answers and ourselves. And maybe … much more.

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Pharaoh's Tomb